Sunday, September 26, 2010

Public Lands Day 2010

Public Lands Day 2010 was the kick off event to the Gold Butte Historic Documentation Project.

We had a few Historic Maps and other historic information to show people the types of resources that are available

Public Lands Day was the perfect setting to kick this project off. Part of the goal of Public Lands Day is to connect people with the public lands and celebrate service and recreation on those lands. With this project we hope to raise people's awareness of the rich history that is also connected with our public lands and encourage them to visit these places. 

If you have stories, books, other websites or any resource that has a record of historic events, people or places within the Gold Butte region please share these with us so we can share it on this site and with others.

Some of the specific categories or types of things that we are looking to collect information on are:
  • Corrals
  • Wells
  • Wind Mills
  • Mines
  • Mining Districts
  • Maps
  • Springs
  • Historic Locales
  • Landing Strip
  • Guzzlers
  • People of Gold Butte

Mining, Ranching and the Pioneer heritage is a big part of what makes Gold Butte so fascinating.  This project will grow and be successful with your help.
If you have any questions or stories you want to share please feel free to contact Elise or myself


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